Hometown: Pasadena, CA

Ricardo Romo (aka Stuntman) began dancing in January 1993. What started out as a hobby quickly developed into a lifelong passion. In the summer of 1995, he was introduced to the word B-Boy (the correct terminology for “breakdancer”) and the knowledge of the dance. For the next couple of years, he practiced hard and began paying his dues. He developed his own individual style, experimenting with ideas and concepts that pushed the boundaries of creativity in the dance.

Through the late 1990′s, he traveled all over the U.S. competing, performing, judging, and making guest appearances. The hallmark of his style was his strong emphasis on musicality
and dancing, often channeling not only the instruments of a song but the lyrics, as well. His unique character and originality gained him admiration among both pioneers and contemporaries.

In May of 2000, Stuntman officially joined Style Elements Crew, a group he had been close too since as far back as 1996.

He also began to travel internationally, often as a member of various USA All-Star teams. He has battled and performed in such countries as Paris, London, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, Spain, Holland, and Switzerland. In 2004, he began to teach breaking classes in Phoenix, AZ, through a local group called Furious Styles Crew. That same summer he became a staff member of the “Let’s Dance” dance camp at Arizona State University.

Since then, he has served as a staff member for an after school non-profit program called After School All-Stars , where he teaches and mentors urban middle school youth in Los Angeles. Other credits to his name include articles and prints in magazines such as The Source , Dancers Delight (Japan), Show and Prove , Vibe ; his very own B-Boy trading card; music videos with Maxwell, Brandy & Mace, Miley Cyrus, and Insane Clown Posse; a feature in The Wade Robson Project pilot; and an appearance on the TV Show Dancing with the Stars . Currently he’s an active member of Style Elements Crew, the California President of Furious Styles Crew and co-director of “One Step Ahead” Dance Company.

Meaning Behind the Moniker

The nickname “Stuntman” comes from the concept of daring to do what others would not. From a young age, Stunts was known for spontaneously attempting things most people would be too afraid to. Whether it was jumping from one rooftop to the next or hanging almost fully outside of a moving car, Stunts was a daredevil in all respects. He carried this fearless spirit into his dancing, not only in terms of physically daring moves he would attempt but also an overall an style that was unabashed and outside of the box. Whether physical or mental, he did not care what others thought and just did what he felt. This naturally led him to create his own unique style and was the reason he became known as “Stuntman.”