Hometown: San Jose, CA


Born into a family who enjoyed dancing Salsa, Hip-Hop was always on the parameter in Spirit’s life. But it wasn’t until sixth grade, when his cousin came over and showed him what a “coffee grinder” was, that the physical intensity of this dance got him hooked. All throughout middle school Spirit Realmer, known as “Jaestrada” at that time, would break with a group of friends during lunch hours. His energy and passion for the dance carried with him all throughout high school, but it wasn’t until he turned twenty in 2008 that he started to train for competitive environments.


Spirit linked up with five other people beginning their competitive dance journey and they formed “Ruckus Crew.” He describes this formation by saying, “We were all very fortunate to have a dedicated practice space in our neighborhood and at our crew mates house.” The relationship blossomed into him and his fellow crew mate moving into a house together, which became a breaking hub for themselves, the crew and the local breaking community.


In 2014, when his son Atlas was born, Spirit stopped training for two and half years and it wasn’t until he turned twenty-eight that the engine started back up into consistent practicing. During this experience he shared that it wasn’t until he turned thirty-two when he really started to take off with the understanding of this dance and to truly develop what it means to be original by revisiting the roots of breaking. 


A turning point in his dance happened in late 2019 and early 2020, when he dedicated himself to break for thirty days straight—which ended up lasting for ninety days! When he completed the ninety days, he said his biggest realization was not about breaking, but about creating structure and how it can develop other areas of life. He owes a lot of personal development and maturity to breaking. This dance has become something bigger than a hobby for him. It acts as a vehicle to create form and shape in life outside of dance. This is why he is so dedicated to the craft and continues to share its blessings with others. 


Currently, Spirit is teaching breaking classes for the youth twice a week. Along with winning many local breaking events, his accomplishments include being an NBA performer for the Golden State Warriors breaking team.


Spirit Realmer has also been heavily involved in the Bay Area dance community and has been the region’s resident host for over twenty plus dance events throughout California. The highlight of his MC’ing career was hosting the 2018 Style Elements Anniversary! 


Meaning Behind the Moniker:

Outside of the dance scene, Joshua aka “Spirit Realmer” has been working in the psychic field for 10 years and runs his own business. He has been working as an Energy Healer and Meditation Instructor, successfully assisting people transform their lives. He also creates wire wrapped healing jewelry from stones and crystals to uplift people’s vibrations. Joshua says he lives in the spiritual realms of life and is a spiritual being having a human experience. He strives to educate and connect this seemingly distant reality for people by tapping into something deeper when he dances.

Psychic work, energy healing, meditation, crystal jewelry and self improvement/empowerment is what Joshua lives and breathes. Spirit Realmer is a name he gave himself to become more transparent with who he is as a person, with the public.

Instagram: @spiritrealmer_

Crystal Jewelry: thecrystalmethods.Etsy.com