A living repository of Hip Hop culture, PoeOne is one of the most respected B-Boy (breakdance) judges and teachers in the world. He regularly travels the globe speaking, teaching and giving inspiration to countless B-Boys and B-Girls. He has also introduced Breaking technique to contemporary dancers such as members of the Australian Dance Theatre.

His teaching method, Each One Teach One, systematically analyses the basics of Breaking via a structured approach to building sound fundamental skills. PoeOne is an expert at breaking down rhythm and movement and enlightening his students about their integral relationship to music. A valued spokesperson for Hip Hop culture, he has participated in countless discussion panels and forums at universities and major breakdance events around the world.

Born in Mountain View, California, raised in Puerto Rico and now based in Los Angeles, PoeOne started Breaking (B-Boying, Break-Dancing) at the early age of twelve. Almost four decades later PoeOne is known worldwide as one of the most infl uential and respected B-Boys of his generation. A pioneer in his own right he has invented many moves that have since become standard within the foundational principles of Breaking and used routinely by the top B-Boys the world over.

Collaborations and appearances

PoeOne has worked with numerous music artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Limp Bizkit, The Black Eye Peas and KRS One to name a few. He has danced in their live stage events and tours as well as music videos.

PoeOne is a member of a number of legendary crews, Style Elements, Rock So Fresh, and Groovaloos. He has helped educate and has been a source of inspiration for other infl uential crews such as Killafornia, Super Crew (Americas Best Dance Crew winners), Jabba Wockees (Americas Best Dance Crew winners), Massive Monkees and many others around the world.

PoeOne’s television appearances include being a special guest performers on So you think you Can Dance USA (along with Groovaloos), The Wayne Brady Show, Superstars of Dance (winning fi rst place) and have performed for countless corporate industrials and live events throughout the US including Nike, Adidas, Skechers, Nokia, The Music Video Producer Awards and The American Choreography

Awards. He has also performed on numerous awards shows including The Grammy Awards, The Latin Grammy Awards, MTV Music Awards and the MVPA Awards amongst others.

PoeOne was one of the original creators of the hit show Groovaloo which recently completed a 27 city tour across the US as well as a critically acclaimed off-Broadway run. He has received many awards for his contributions to Hip Hop culture including B-Boy of the Year Award (from the American Street Dance Championships), Pioneer Legend Award (R-16 Korea), Best Crew Award (American Street Dance Championships) as well as numerous other  US and international awards.