Hometown: Santa Fe, New Mexico / Las Vegas, Nevada

Nightmare began dancing at the age of three and has been breaking since the age of seven. He began his breaking journey after watching the movie Breakin’ and quickly fell in love with the culture, immersing himself in every element he could.

In February of 2015 Nightmare and his family traveled to the annual King of Hearts battle in Denver, CO. This was one of Nightmare’s first out-of-state battles. He placed second in the Kids battle and made it to top thirty-two in the Crew vs Crew category. That battle was Nightmare’s first encounter with Style Elements. Being a star struck eleven year old kid, he could never have imagined that he would one day call them family/crew.

In early 2016, SEC members Artson and Stuntman came to New Mexico and stayed with Nightmare and his family for a whole week. They trained with Nightmare and he immediately took to everything they taught him that week, most of which he still uses to this day.

Nightmare continued to travel and battle, winning events and placing high in others. Some of his most proud accomplishments were being one of thirty-two b-boys, and one of only two kids, invited to battle at the Life is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. This festival brought together people from around the world and showcased b-boys from multiple countries.

In 2018 Nightmare and his friends started a group called “GNM.” It included a popper, a b-boy, and a MC who had been established for a while but, one day, decided to begin making music together. Nightmare immediately fell in love with MCing. He had listened to music since he could remember and was eager to continue making music. Over the next year GNM put out two albums and had opportunities to perform at different art shows and festivals around New Mexico. Nightmare continues his love for making music to this day.

In late 2018, Nightmare and his family made the move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they would be trained by Quali-D. Soon after, Style Elements’ break-off crew was founded: Legacy of Style (LOS). Nightmare and the rest of LOS worked hard in 2019, usually placing in the top four to the finals in every battle they entered. Fast forward to 2020, as the global pandemic took over, and Nightmare knew that he needed to continue building with LOS, even if that meant virtually. In May of 2020 Nightmare got asked and was officially put down into Style Elements Crew, an honor he had been working toward since 2015.

Nightmare has always wanted to set an example for the generations under him and give them a platform, which is why he started his own clothing brand/event called United in Hip Hop. At the age of twelve, he wanted to let young people have the spotlight for a change, so each DJ, MC, judge and competitor were all under the age of eighteen and had an adult mentor behind them, guiding them through the event. It was a hit and they have thrown six such events since then, in multiple cities and states. Nightmare committed himself to community work back in New Mexico, doing over one hundred community outreach initiatives, teaching youth about Hip Hop and breaking.

None of this would’ve been possible without the continued support of his family, particularly his parents Kathleen “MK” Perry and Carl “Big Nightmare” Miller, who always took him to the necessary battles, giving most of their time to make sure Nightmare had all he needed to continue on this path that he loves.

To this day, Nightmare continues to broaden his horizons and train in the dance. Helping to lead Legacy of Style has been a big focal point for him and, through “Zoom” he has been able to keep in contact with all of his LOS and SEC members. Continuing to push forward and create is always at the top of his mind. Now with the support from his brothers and sisters of Style Elements and Legacy of Style, Nightmare feels like there are no boundaries to how far and how long he can continue to do what he loves and inspire the generations to follow.

Meaning Behind the Moniker

Nightmare’s name originates from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. When he was around six years old, his parents showed him that movie and, being so young at the time, Nightmare was terrified. He told his parents that he never wanted to watch that movie again. A few months went by and Nightmare’s parents showed him the movie again, but this time he made it through the whole movie, jumping and cheering by the time the credits began to roll. His parents thought nothing of it other than the fact that he had enjoyed the movie and worked past his fear. About another six months went by and he and his family were at the Zoo, when they heard that there was a battle happening that same day in Albuquerque. Nightmare asked for his parents to take him to the battle, they agreed and he could not wait. When they arrived at the event, Nightmare asked if he could battle. He had only been breaking for maybe 3-4 months at the time and was wearing nothing but the clothes he had worn to the Zoo. His parents hesitantly agreed and Nightmare put down his government name on the sign up sheet. When he was called up to battle, the MC asked him “What’s your name little man,” Nightmare replied “Nightmare” and the whole room busted out into cheers. Ever since that day the name Nightmare has stuck with him throughout his career.