Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA
The spirit of Hip-Hop was ingrained in Midus growing up. He had watched movies like Beat Street and Breakin’ and, despite most people saying it was “played out”, he gravitated toward the dance whenever he had the chance to see it. He was mesmerized by the style, music, and art of the culture which seemed to be making a return to Southern California in the early-to-mid 90’s.

By the time he reached high school, he noticed more and more people dancing in his city. One day, he saw two breakers at school practicing moves and wearing t-shirts with B-Boy characters on them. He approached them and was invited to their practice after school. From then on, his journey into the breaking community would quickly snowball, from local neighborhood parks and parties to events and battles throughout the nation.

Midus was originally focused on popping but found himself practicing and dancing mainly around breakers. The two dances were closely intertwined, with most crews having at least one popper, so he picked up on both styles. He was also heavily influenced by freestyle dancers and local party crews.

As he ventured out to larger events and underground parties, he became heavily inspired by Los Angeles B-Boys such as Stuntman, Cuser, Drunk Funk, Jash, D-Rock, Poe One, Brick Rock, G-Wiz, and Shrimp Wu. These dancers all had their own unique style, with a lot of rhythm, ups, complex threads, signature transitions, and abstract freezes.

With all of these motivations around him, he crafted a unique style that was truly in a class of its own. He took an element from all of his influences and transformed them into his own form of expression.

When he later befriended his inspirations like Stuntman, Poe One, and Drunk Funk, he only developed his style further. Stuntman became an especially important mentor that would take him under his wing and expose him to the wider B-Boy community. Together they entered competitions with others under the name “Originality Stands Alone,” a phrase borrowed from D-Rock that embodied their state of mind and became widely known throughout the scene. Later on, Midus would meet Rawbzilla and Elsewhere, two other very important influences in his evolution as a dancer. Together with Rawbzilla, Kujo, and Elsewhere, they produced the experimental dance collaboration video, Detours. The video became highly acclaimed throughout the world for its creativity and spotlighting of originality in the B-Boy community. Outside of his dancing, Midus also became highly active on issues of social justice, human rights, and cultural preservation. He has been involved in various community organizations and movements struggling against oppression, exploitation, genocide and aggression. Alongside his activism, he has continued to keep his foot in the door of the Hip-Hop community by constantly attending local events, dancing in cyphers, teaching younger B-Boys through his travels and occasionally judging competitions.

In 2011, Midus was officially made a member of Style Elements Crew. The induction came as a major honor for him and served to refuel his dedication to promoting style, creativity, originality, and expression within the Hip-Hop community.

Meaning Behind the Moniker
In high school, Midus got a set of turntables and started experimenting with mixing, scratching, and record collecting. He would make tapes for himself and friends which he signed under the title “Midas,” after the famous Greek myth of a King who turned everything he touched into gold. He thought it was a perfect name for a DJ but didn’t necessarily want to use it for himself as a dancer.

As time went on, the sound of the name started warping into different meanings for him, such as the “Mightyous” or “My Ideas.” There was also an auto shop chain in Southern California called Midas which “specialized on breaks.” In addition, the moral of the Greek myth behind the name is a warning against the ills of greed and selfishness. All of these concepts came together to hold a lot of meaning, so, he decided to flip the spelling as “Midus” and use the name as his overall alias.