Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Frankie “Flave” Nunez grew up in East Los Angeles, where he started dancing at the age of 13. Coming from a neighborhood riddled with gangs and drugs, Hip-Hop served as a positive outlet for Flave to better his life. It is for this reason that he remains as passionate today about the culture as he was when he first started.

Flave came up in the early ‘90s when Breaking was going through a strong underground resurgence. In Los Angeles, young B-Boys began springing up and dancing at raves, clubs, and house parties. It was in this environment that he developed his style and began honing his craft. He worked hard on his skills and studied the foundation of the dance early on. He gravitated towards a style that mixed together foundation, footwork, sweeps, backrocks, threads, and flows. As a member of the LA crew Abstract Flava, and later LA Breakers, Frankie participated in the large-scale events of the time and made a strong name for himself.

It was through these battles and traveling to different events that Flave would eventually meet and befriend members of Style Elements. Their strong emphasis on style and individuality matched his own outlook on the dance. There was an immediate friendship he built with all of the members in SEC. In 2003, along with his brother Ruen, Flave was officially inducted into the crew.

By this time, he had already traveled abroad to compete in B-Boy battles and been seen throughout the world on various videos. Opportunities to travel, compete, teach and judge all over the world continued from there on, allowing him to see virtually all of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. In 2005, he also lived for a period in Denmark where he was one of the lead dancers in a theater show titled “Slumdog Princess.”

Success in the B-Boy world also transitioned into appearances on television and film. Some of his many credits include ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, Universal Picture’s “Too Fast Too Furious,” Showtime’s “Princess and Barrio Boy,” and Hulu’s “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD).”

Today, as a representative of SEC and Killafornia, Flave continues to travel regularly to teach, perform, judge and rack up wins at some of the biggest B-Boy competitions in the world. He has also earned a strong reputation as a DJ, regularly rocking parties and battles both locally and globally.

When he’s not outperforming or competing, Flave works on various community-based programs in the greater Los Angeles area, teaching Hip-Hop culture and dance to the youth. By doing so, he hopes to open their eyes to the positivity Hip-Hop provides and pass on the culture that he still lives and loves.