An interview with the legendary Style Elements Crew, filmed at The LA Arts District.
Style Elements Crew was established in 1994 in Stockton, California.
It has consistently pushed the boundaries of expression in Hip-Hop and become one of the most influential B-Boy crews in recent history.
The group is widely credited for adding a brand new vocabulary to Breaking and opening up new horizons for how the dance is performed throughout the world.

“Style Elements has definitely made its mark on Hip-Hop history. Not just B-Boy history, but Hip-Hop history” – Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew)

“Sickest to do it from the West. These cats are true B-Boys” – Sway (Wake Up Show/MTV)

“What ya’ll know about Style Elements? . . .The real B-Boys, B-Men” – Afrika Bambaataa (Godfather of Hip-Hop)

“SEC was the first ones who made it ‘legal’ to be ‘illegal'” – Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kings)

Full Roll Call: Present at Interview: Poe One, Quali-D, Pandora, Frankie Flave, Midus, Artson, Ricky RocAny aka Stuntman, Steelo, A-Game

Not Present: Crumbs, Remind, Jayrawk, Bas1, Machine, Crayone, Mikey Ice, Ruen, Gonz1